Bridging the gap between the metaverse and minds
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Bridging the gap between the metaverse and minds

Just as web analytics helped businesses optimise engagement based on page views and clicks, emotion analytics promises to provide new insights for the era of augmented reality and the spatial web.

The challenge

Emteq Labs is a deep technology company, enabling accurate, real-time emotion sensing in virtual and augmented environments – a fundamental building block of the metaverse.

Their mission is to create technology that reduces friction and increases human happiness.

Using patented muscle sensing and machine learning algorithms, Emteq's technology can detect both physical activity and emotional responses.

For Emteq Labs, making their technology more accessible presented an opportunity to expand into new sectors, such as content creation, retail, marketing and even the real-time personalisation of the digital tools used in high-stress working environments like control rooms, operating theatres or trading desks.

But visualising this complex, multi-dimensional data - and producing actionable insights from it - presents many challenges, meaning that it's normally only undertaken by specialised research teams.

Our approach

To deliver on Emteq's vision, we needed to fuse multiple datasets together into a single interface, which would allow people to navigate, make sense of and manipulate this high dimensional information.

We designed a number of interactive and interlinked visualisation components, that provided information, but also acted as filtering mechanisms - allowing you to playback and cross-tabulate data to reveal previously hidden patterns - or to explore insights generated automatically by the system.

UI components from the first VR focused version of the platform

Extending into the real world

In addition to the work that Emteq were doing in VR, they also launched new hardware compatible with AR glasses, opening up a raft of new use cases. Emteq see huge value in removing friction, frustration and confusion when individuals or groups interact within real-world and virtual environments. We worked with them to evolve the thinking around their platform in light of their new technology.


The metaverse can be thought of as multiple layers of data and content overlaid onto the world –shared by many, yet unique to us all. These layers help to predict behaviour using information about who, where, when and what. By adding in a new layer of emotion analytics, Emteq's technology tells you why....

Rounded individuals

Traditional visualisation and business intelligence tools are not equipped to reveal relationships between where someone is, what they're experiencing and how it makes them feel. We developed a new visualisation approach for their platform – the EQ Cloud, which allowed users to understand the emotional layer over the world that was previously invisible.


When psychologists sense an individual's emotion, there are two key measures that are used. Valence describes the degree of positivity or negativity they feel. Arousal measures whether they are in a low or high energy state.

Synchronising these values with metadata about the environment and stimuli that a person is experiencing, enables unique insights into the factors influencing their mood and behaviour.

Use cases

With this layer of intelligence, Emteq can unlock new ways of understanding how people feel, reveal new forms of content that will adapt to their needs and create new opportunities to enhance their digital lives.

Over time, the EQ Cloud will be able to understand what you like and dislike in different situations, enabling seamless interactions and recommendations about how you live, work, move and consume.

By understanding the context of your emotional state, digital interfaces can anticipate your needs - giving you information when you need it and muting distractions when you don’t.

A powerful tool for self-analysis

We all intuitively understand the link between what we do and how we feel. Understanding our emotions enables us to make better decisions about how we live our lives.

With both activity monitoring and emotion sensing in a single device, Emteq EQ allows people to quantify and control the factors that influence their mood and mental health.


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