Managing crowds with city scale digital twins
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Managing crowds with city scale digital twins

Tag Team is a crowd control, security and management system which provides tracking of individuals, groups and ‘things’ to within 10cm across a secure mesh network.


The company uses Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology, embedded in a variety of form factors from ID badges to wearable devices with push notification capabilities.

The system was designed from the ground up for use at high value sites (such as oil refineries, sports venues, airports or military facilities) ranging from 500 to 10,000,000 people, over areas of up to 100 square miles.

An operating system for Command & control

A key component of Tag Team's solution is a custom Command & Control (C2) centre, which allows operators to monitor, react and communicate to an entire site utilising a number of key features such as heat mapping, automated and manual commands, and real-time / predictive mapping.

We were commissioned by Tag Team to work on the design of their C2 suite, to provide a unified experience across screen sizes ranging from mobile to large scale LED walls in control centres.

Tag Team

The key to crowd control is the ability to analyse the information, predict the crowd's behaviour and effectively manage a situation.

The C2 Grid

Rather than proposing a monolithic information architecture, our recommendation centred around a highly flexible grid system that would allow for the monitoring of one or more situations concurrently, from multiple viewpoints or ways of seeing. For example, operators might want to see CCTV footage side-by-side with 3D mapping of the same zone and a list of known entities within it.

The grid allows for continuous prioritisation of information streams, as situations change, so that lower priority items can remain visible, whilst critical views can be expanded to maximise attention and level of detail.


The grid expands to fill all available screen space and available slots can be used to set up new views, with simple drag and drop interactions. Once sized and positioned, each component can be further configured using a universal settings system.

The kaleidoscope of confidence

For any application where people rely of the use of processed data for situational awareness and decision making, it's essential that operators are able to view information holistically and in context. By providing multi-facted views that combine sources, users can be confident that what they are seeing is an accurate reflection of the ground truth.//

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