Enth - Smart, collaborative 'playlists' for knowledge
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Enth - Smart, collaborative 'playlists' for knowledge

The internet is a knowledge Big Bang. But there has been no symmetrical explosion in our ability to process all that knowledge. People feel trapped inside an unproductive, toxic relationship with the internet.

Our primary knowledge interface is broken

The Feed is a central feature of internet life. But scrolling feeds is a limited, passive, overwhelming experience.

Enth is a tool that enhances your ability to extract value from all this information. It allows you to track, synthesise, and share knowledge in powerful new ways.

With Enth, users create their own 'Knowledge Playlists' by tearing apart, sampling, and remixing the articles they discover online.

It's fuelled by a bold new way of thinking about information, dividing it into three fundamental types; Entities, Signals and Stories.


Are atomic units of information. People, products, organisations, concepts:


Express relationships that link two or more Entities. Rather neatly, these tend to be found in single paragraphs of text.


Are groups of two or more Signals, which together start to form a thesis or narrative.

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Enth is an ongoing collaboration between Parallel and New World Same Humans. Get in touch to find out more.

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How Enth works

Find articles using your favourite sources, then share them to Enth.


Sample and remix the articles you read to make shareable Stories of your own.


Click on Entities to learn more, and enhance your knowledge via other people's Stories.



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