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Parallel is an innovation consultancy shaping the future of analytics and decision making.

The way businesses and individuals understand the world is changing. The technology may be new, but the human needs are timeless—to Know, Predict and Decide. We develop products that meet these needs.


The way things are — From betting on live sports to managing Mega Events, timely and accurate situational awareness can make the difference between success and failure.


How things might be — Whether you’re looking to optimise prices or run in-silico trials, your predictive model is only as good as people’s ability to use and understand it.


What you should do — From policy making to personal finances, foresight of cause and effect is essential for good decision making.

What we do

We help visionary product leaders maximise the value they can unlock from data.


In a world that's increasingly driven by data and mediated by machines, new forms of visual intelligence are emerging, created by teams of strategists, designers, data scientists, gaming specialists, and engineers. We founded Parallel to build those teams and shape that future.


We seek to bring together the best minds with the most engaging challenges and are currently building our network of associates. If you’re doing great work in data-design, data science, games design, product strategy, connected hardware, or the spatial web, we’d love to hear from you.